Brev från Menno Kamminga, IEC Underlag till styrelsemöte 1-2 mars 1995

Rotterdam, 10 October 1995

Secretary General
AI Swedish Section

Dear Anita,

This is in response to your letter of 13 September requesting permission to employ in the Swedish Section people paid under a govemmental unemployment scheme.

As you know, some sections have for may years employed
conscientious objectors to military service paid by the
Govemnment. So theme is no problem with this in principle.
However, you should mespect two conditions:

1. the individuals in question should be paid dimectly by the authomities, i.e. not via the Section;
2. the individuals in questions should be employed in such a way that no "dependency" can result on these jobs and obviously the authomities should have no say whatsoever on the type of work done by them.

Hope this helps. I am mesponding to this in my capacity as the IEC member mesponsible for sections in Grouping 3. Looking fomwamd to womking with you during the coming two years!

Best wishes,
Menno Kamminga
IEC member

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