International Finance Meeting, 28-29 November 1998 , First Calling Notice - extra styrelsemöte 15 augusti 1998 Underlag till styrelsemöte 1-2 juni 1998

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To: All Sections


From: Jessica Millwood, Finance and Accountancy Program

Date: May 1998

International Finance Meeting, 28-29 November 1998

First Calling Notice


This is the first communication relating to the 1998 International Finance Meeting. This meeting will take place in London on 28-29 November 1998.




This circular is for the attention of all Section Treasurers, Chairs, Directors, Financial Directors and those responsible for Sections’ Finance.

Recommended Actions

Please respond by Monday 24th August.

Date and Venue
The International Finance Meeting will take place in London on 28 and 29 November 1998.

Sections are invited to send up to two representatives. The first delegate should be the Section Treasurer. Second delegates are also expected to be closely involved in section financial management and participation of Section Finance Directors or Section Directors would be particularly welcomed.

There is no funding available from the International Budget for this meeting. All participation will therefore be self-financing. Sections unable to finance participation from their section budgets are urged to consider this meeting as a high priority for use of 1998 Horizontal Communications Fund.

A travel pool will operate. This will apply to air fares only.

There will be a registration fee of approx. £50 per participant. This fee will cover the hire of the conference location, lunches, refreshments and one communal evening meal during the course of the meeting.

Interpreters will NOT be available for the meeting.

Ongoing Communications
Registration forms and further information relative to the meeting will be circulated in a future mailing to sections who indicate their intention to participate (as requested below).

Jessica Millwood in the Finance/Accounts Program is the contact person for this meeting, and will provide you with any additional information which you may require.

For Action
Please supply the following information to Jessica Millwood before Monday 24th August.


Section Name:

Does your section plan to participate? Yes No
Who will participate? Name Position in Section
Delegate 1:
Delegate 2 (Optional):
Does the section plan to use the 1998 Horizontal Communications Fund to finance participation? Yes No